Enterprise Enablers

In the current market scenario it is not only the expanding client base that defines success but also the constant need to optimize costs and reduce overheads. InQserve works as an enterprise enabler and provides consultancy and outsourcing services for all support functions of your organization to build sustainable models for cost optimization.


Our portfolio of Business Enabler solutions empowers your business growth and motivates your customers with useful new services. Our innovative self-service solutions truly exceed subscribers' expectations by adding consistency and meaning to the contact they have with you. This in turn creates a vastly improved customer experience, and lowers your operating costs as part of the deal.


Please open the respective tabs to know more about each of our service offerings. Please drop us an email or use the form at the Contact Us page to get additional details as needed.

  • Branding, Web & Social Media
  • HR & Finance Outsourcing
  • Quality Function Setup
  • Testing Function Setup
  • Contract Out

Outsource your brand building, website development and maintenance services and social media communication to carve a niche for your organization. We offer the following branding, web and social media services

  • Domain Booking & Maintenance
  • Web Site Design and Development
  • SEO, Web Site Analytics & Maintenance
  • Email Setups
  • Logo, Graphics and Stationery Designing
  • Ecommerce Web Site Solutions
  • Face Book, Twitter Accounts Creation & Maintenance

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    Today, organizations are looking at every possible avenue to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The human resource (HR) department is not immune to this trend. High rates of attrition, employee disengagement and cost reduction pressures are driving the need to implement a Centralized Shared Services Model.


    Inqserve supports organizations in meeting their HR objectives by 'extending the enterprise' through following comprehensive service offerings for HR functions:

    InQserve offers the following


  • Consulting
  • Employee Development
  • Recruitment
  • Payroll Management
  • Contract Management
  • Workforce Administration
  • HR Analytics

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Cost reduction pressures, increasing regulatory compliance and demands for a closer alignment to the business are driving organizations towards new finance and accounting operating models. Chief Financial Officers (CFO) of leading organizations are leveraging finance and accounting services outsourcing as a strategy to change their operating models. Inqserve extends your enterprise by leveraging its deep finance and accounting functional expertise, industry intimacy, focus on operational excellence and global delivery model.
InQServe’s Financial Services Portfolio includes

  • Accounts Payable: Payment facilitation, invoice review and processing, vendor relationship and problem resolution
  • Accounts Receivable: Document matching, statement generation and delivery, collection and reporting
  • Payroll Processing: Reimbursements, deductions and tax processing, payroll and pay slip processing
  • Fixed Asset Management: Fixed asset maintenance, depreciation calculation and entry and reconciliation

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    InQserve solutions are developed with industry best practices such as CMMI®, PMBOK & ISO that help market leaders define and deploy best-in-class project lifecycle processes and result in productivity improvements up to 30% and higher.


    InQserve's process improvement and consulting offerings are based on the 'practitioners approach with a strong theoretical grounding'. We offer the following solutions:

InQ Process Serve Suite – The process analysis and improvement solution

This is a comprehensive solution to work out a long term workable strategy to author an effective transformational and improvement plan for specific work areas. This translates to authoring an effective, crisper Quality Management System and tailoring processes based on the time proven industry best practices to help an organization to define optimum process frameworks and workflows.

Business Value

  • Measurable business results
  • Standardized processes across organization
  • Streamlined vendor management
  • Effective channel partner collaboration

InQ Assessment Lite – The Gap Analysis Assessment approach

The InQ Assessment Lite is a short term solution helping organizations realize the shortcomings in an existing process quickly. InQserve consultants with their rich domain experience and process knowledge work closely with project managers and workflow administrators in an organization to scrutinize the working processes and bring out a Gap Analysis report listing down key process areas that may need improvement. The key advantage is that organizations run an assessment from an external perspective which results in better assessment and surfacing out issues that otherwise are not discovered easily.

Business Value

  • Discovery of unforeseen issues
  • Allows putting mitigation and contingency plans in place
  • Quick turnaround on resolution plan
  • Effective process management and better control of resources
  • Cost effective

InQ Intervention Plus – The comprehensive assessment, correction, training and corrective plan for long term strategic intervention:

This is the most comprehensive solution as offered by InQserve. The panel of consultants perform an all round assessment for the organization's processes and core business areas and non-key control and administrative areas to systematically define business cases, assess current-state gaps, define optimum process frameworks, provide requisite training and facilitate process deployment through efficient change management techniques over a long term intervention. The strategic alliance works in favor of the client to effectively offload the heavier process work onto InQserve panel allowing themselves to focus on core business areas.

Business Value

  • Improved product and process stability
  • Improved availability of business critical services
  • Informed and timely decision making
  • Early detection and control of risks
  • Optimized IT infrastructure
  • Long term tracking for continuous improvement
  • Employee skills building and better job satisfaction indices
  • Enhanced productivity through solution delivery process transformation
  • Reduced costs through improved process efficiency and product delivery

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Click HERE for a complete brochure of InQserve's Quality Function services.

InQ Test Management – Assisting with Validation and Test Cycles


InQserve offers to assist clients willing to bring aboard our testing specialists or outsource the entire testing process ranging from creating and managing the test plans, setting up test beds and test environments, arrange for manual and automation testing resources and execute and implement Unit, Integration, System and Smoke tests for both White and Black box assignments.


InQserve additionally offers the test management services to its clients and channel partners seeking third party auditing or assessment as mandated by their clients.


Business Value

  • Expertise of high end vast experienced senior QA and Test Managers at low cost
  • Quick turnaround for setting up test environments
  • Ready availability of skilled test resources for both manual and automation test cycles
  • Effective on-time, within budget execution of test cycles
  • Collection of standard globally applicable and used test metrics and reports
  • Provision of logging and auditing capabilities for test cycles at NO extra cost
  • Inference reports and signaling indicators provided for test cycles to loop back into the product development cycle for continuous improvement

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The process experts at InQserve help the partnering organizations in offloading their additional support tasks at a cost lower than it would be to run these operations in-house. We allow our partners to leverage our specialized service partners and vendors for HR, Training & Development, Accounts, Office Transport and Group & Team management activities to effectively run these operations at our low cost, high quality service model.


InQserve offers the following contract out services:


InQ Business Process Contract Out – Outsourcing the business process and QA function

This solution is targeted at contracting out the Quality Assurance function for those customers who wish to outsource their quality function and to deliver consistent, high performance services by utilizing quality monitoring, management, reporting, analysis and business performance improvement based on best industry practices.

InQ Offload Contracts – Offloading administrative and non-key business activities for partners

InQserve offers effective solutions for offloading the support and administrative functions for its client partners and allowing the organizations to focus on their key business activities. InQserve offers a rich palette of services based on its diverse and vastly experienced panel force for the organizations looking to outsource their HR, Admin, Training & Development and Group Events Planning functions. The experience of our team on a host of domains and over years ensures that we can deliver the much needed support activities of an organization at a cost lower than running the operations in-house for an organization.